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Help us make our Android app, Tourist language learn & speak, better. We could really use translations from foreign language native speakers. If you want to give a hand, please  translate the phrases below and send them to us at doruadrian.nechifor90 (at) gmail .com

Thanks a lot!

 *** feel free to add more phrases or categories if you wish, just make sure you provide translations :) ***
*** translations for languages that contain symbols (e.g. Chinese) should be in symbol form and with phonetical description in parenthesis ***
*** for best example see the application ***
*** also if you would like to be added to the contributor list please specify your name (or nickname) and country here: _________________ ***
*** after you finish, please send this file as email attachment at *** 
*** thanks again for your support ***

LANGUAGE (specify the language in which you are translating): ________________

ALPHABET (if your language has one – just specify all the letters or symbols)

	0 = 
	1 = 
	2 = 
	3 = 
	4 = 
	5 = 
	6 = 
	7 = 
	8 = 
	9 = 
	10 = 
	11 = 
	12 = 
	13 = 
	14 = 
	15 = 
	16 = 
	17 = 
	18 = 
	19 = 
	20 = 
	21 = 
	30 = 
	40 = 
	50 = 
	60 = 
	70 = 
	80 = 
	90 = 
	100 = 
	1000 = 
	day = 
	week = 
	month = 
	year = 
	spring = 
	summer = 
	autumn = 
	winter = 
	Monday = 
	Tuesday = 
	Wednesday = 
	Thursday = 
	Friday = 
	Saturday = 
	Sunday = 
	January = 
	February = 
	March = 
	April = 
	May = 
	June = 
	July = 
	August = 
	September = 
	October = 
	November = 
	December = 
	in the morning = 
	at noon = 
	at midnight = 
	early = 
	late = 
	today = 
	tomorrow = 
	yesterday = 
	What time is it? = 
	It's one o'clock = 
	It's two o'clock = 
	It's five minutes past one = 
	It's twelve minutes past three = 
	It's eight minutes till one = 
	It's ten minutes till five = 
	It's half past one = 
	It's quarter past nine = 
	It's quarter till eleven = 
	It's four in the afternoon = 
	It's two in the morning = 
	It's ten in the evening = 
	The party begins at nine o'clock = 
	The bank opens at half past eight = 
	Hello! = 
	Welcome = 
	How are you? = 
	I'm fine, thanks. And you? = 
	Good morning = 
	Good afternoon = 
	Good evening = 
	Good night = 
	Goodbye = 
	Have a nice day = 
	See you later =  
	Excuse me = 
	I am a tourist = 
	I don't understand = 
	Say it again, please = 
	Please speak more slowly = 
	Do you speak English? = 
	Yes = 
	No = 
	Cool = 
	Please = 
	Sorry = 
	Where can I find ...? = 
	Where can I find the toilet? = 
	I don't know where I am = 
	Thank you = 
	You're welcome = 
	What is your name? = 
	My name is ... = 
	Pleased to meet you = 
	How old are you? = 
	I am ... years old = 
	Where do you live? = 
	What is your job? = 
	What is your hobby? = 
	What music do you listen to? = 
	Would you like to go to the ...? = 
	Good luck! = 
	Cheers! = 
	Congratulations! = 
	I love you = 
	Happy Birthday! = 
	Happy Easter! = 
	Merry Christmas! = 
	Happy New Year! = 
	Arrival = 
	Departure = 
	Flight number = 
	I want to buy a plane ticket to ... = 
	When does the flight leave? = 
	When does the flight arrive? = 
	Where is baggage claim? = 
	My suitcases are lost = 
	Where is the taxi stop? = 
	I need a taxi to the ... Hotel = 
	Your passport please = 
	Here is my passport = 
	Do you have anything to declare? = 
	I have nothing to declare = 
	Is this your baggage? = 
	This is my suitcase = 
	What is the purpose of your visit? = 
	I'm here on vacation = 
	I'm here on business = 
	Can you please help me? I am lost = 
	I want to confirm / change / cancel my reservation = 
	Is this the check-in for flight ...? = 
	How long will the flight be delayed? = 
	I need a ticket to ... = 
	I would like a window / aisle seat = 
	How much is the ticket? = 
	Can I pay with credit card? = 
	Can I pay in euro / dollars? = 
	Can you tell me, is this the flight to ...? = 
	When is the next plane to ...? = 
	What is the free baggage allowance? = 
	How much is the excess fee? = 
	I'm keeping this bag with me = 
	I'm sorry, this is my seat = 
	Access to platforms = 
	Arrivals / departures local trains = 
	Entrance = 
	Exit = 
	Information = 
	At what time does the train for ... leave? = 
	Where is the ticket office? = 
	I want a ticket for ...  = 
	First / Second class = 
	How much is the ticket? = 
	Can I pay with credit card? = 
	Can I pay in euro / dollars? = 
	What platform does the train leave from? = 
	May I sit here? = 
	What is the next stop? = 
	How many more stops until ...? = 
	Where is the bus stop? = 
	Which is the bus for ...? = 
	Is there a bus to the city's center? = 
	When is the next bus leaving? = 
	A ticket please = 
	How much is the ticket? = 
	Wait! = 
	Hold the bus! = 
	Does this bus go to ...? = 
	Please tell me when should I get off = 
	At the next junction = 
	At the next station = 
	Excuse me, this is my stop = 
	Here is your stop = 
	Taxi! = 
	Where can I find a taxi? = 
	Can you take me to this address? = 
	Could you take me to ...? = 
	The city centre, please = 
	The airport, please = 
	The station, please = 
	I'm in a hurry = 
	Straight ahead = 
	To the left here = 
	To the right here = 
	Turn around = 
	At the next junction = 
	Stop here please = 
	Could you wait for me? = 
	I'll be back soon = 
	How much is it? = 
	Can I pay in euro / dollars? = 
	Can I have a receipt? = 
	I made a reservation for ... = 
	Are there rooms available? = 
	I want to stay ... nights = 
	I'd like a room for two = 
	I'd like a single room = 
	I'd like a double room = 
	I'd like a room with a shower = 
	At what time is the breakfast served? =  
	What time is checkout? = 
	My key, please = 
	Which floor? = 
	Which room? = 
	Do not disturb = 
	Come in = 
	I need a towel, please = 
	Please wake me up at ... o'clock = 
	Do you have wireless Internet? = 
	The TV is not working = 
	There is no toilet paper in my room = 
	Where is the restaurant? = 
	Where is the swimming pool? = 
	Can you call a cab for me? =  
	Is there any message for me? = 
	I have a table reserved for ... = 
	Do you have a table for two? = 
	Waiter! = 
	The menu please! = 
	I'm a vegetarian = 
	I don't eat pork = 
	Are you hungry? = 
	What would you like to eat? =
	What would you like to drink? = 
	What do you recommend? = 
	I would like to order dinner now = 
	This is not what I ordered = 
	The food is delicious = 
	A beer please / Two beers, please = 
	Cheers! = 
	That's enough = 
	Where can I find the toilet? = 
	The check, please = 
	Can I pay with credit card? = 
	Call the police! = 
	Is everything ok? = 
	Please come immediately = 
	There was an accident = 
	I lost my papers = 
	 I lost my credit card = 
	Somebody stole my wallet / passport! = 
	I am lost = 
	Everything will be ok = 
	Good evening. I am Officer ... = 
	Come here, please = 
	Wait a moment, please = 
	I have some questions for you = 
	Do you have any I.D.? = 
	I'm speaking to you because you seem to be ... = 
	I'm giving you a warning = 
	You're under arrest = 
	You must fill in a report form = 
	Thank you. You can leave now = 
	I have to get to a hospital = 
	Where is the nearest hospital? = 
	Call an ambulance! = 
	I feel ill = 
	I have a flu = 
	I have a headache = 
	I have a stomach ache = 
	I have a temperature = 
	I feel dizzy = 
	It hurts here = 
	I am bleeding = 
	I'm allergic to ... = 
	It's not serious = 
	Does this hurt? = 
	Inhale, exhale = 
	Do you have any painkillers? = 
	Where is the toilet? = 
	Here is a prescription for some tablets = 
	Where can I find a drug store? = 
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M-am apucat de Android

Android robot logo.

Image via Wikipedia

M-am apucat de android. In ceea ce priveste tema acestui blog, in sfarsit pot sa scriu un articol fara sa ma stradui. De data asta efectiv scriu din cu care am contact.

Am primit un htc la servici – nu a durat mai mult de 3-4 ore si deja imi puneam la punct Eclipse-ul cu android SDK. Nu era necesar, dar am considerat ca trebuie sa fac macar un Hello World ca sa vad cat este de dificil sau … poate facil. Concluzia? Facil

Nu inteleg prea bine cum functioneaza intregul ambuteiaj, dar partea de suprafata, ce face adb (un tool din android SDK prin care se face un bridge pentru debugging) sau ce face fisierul de manifest, inteleg. Cu timpul presupun ca o sa inteleg si partile din spate, daca voi avea ocazia sa lucrez in acest mediu.

Mie mi-a facut o parere foarte buna. Suportul online este extrem de bun, plin de tutoriale pentru incepatori ca mine, alaturi de o documentatie scrisa frumos – nu spun ca e scrisa bine, pentru ca nu detaliaza prea mult unile functii ale componentelor, dar e scrisa pe intelesul oricui si asta o face placuta. Intrebari pune toata lumea si toata lumea raspunde, asa ca o cautare pe google este, ca in orice alt limbaj in care am mai lucrat, o solutie de nota 10.

Ca sa intelegeti de ce sunt atat de multumit de noul meu prieten va voi explica pe scurt cum e structurata o aplicatie (si nu orice aplicatie, ci una foarte simpla): Avem un proiect in Eclipse, avem un pachet in care lucram, in pachet se afla o clasa, desemnata ca fiind principala, in ea avem o functie onCreate care porneste intregul ansamblu. Ne jucam cu activitati, caci asa se cheama in lumea Android si ne jucam cu View-uri de diferite tipuri in cadrul acestor activitati. Asa obtinem software

Tot designul poate sa fie facut in cadrul unui XML, pentru separarea codului de structura. Am ajuns a doua zi sa termin o aplicatie de test care se foloseste de multitouch, rendering pe canvas de cercuri si lucrul cu fonturi. Asta da software pentru dispozitivele viitorului.

Tineti aproape (a la Antena 1) petru ca maine-poimaine vorbesc despre ce anume am implementat si despre cum ar fi fost (oare) sa fac acelasi lucru pe iPhone .

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Dispozitive care omoara dispozitivele trecutului

Three different VHS-family video cassettes. Fr...

Casete, care nu se mai folosesc

Scriu acest articol pentru a discuta despre dispozitive care nu mai sunt de folos in prezent pentru ca industria software sau hardware a modificat datele problemei. Spre exemplu procesarea de imagini se facea cu totul si cu totul altfel decat acum. Nu exista Photosohop, se foloseau alte tehnici – fizice. Alt exemplu poate fi procesarea video, foarte apropiata de manipularea de imagini, a suferit modificari asemanatoare in decursul timpului. In momentul de fata nu se mai folosesc dispozitive fizice pentru manipularea imaginii, decat, presupun, in emisiuni live sau alte tipuri de procesari instantanee.

Industria audia s-a modificat si ea foarte mult in decursul timpului. Daca un disc acum 50 de ani insemna un platan, iar muzica era memorata intr-un anumit fel, in ziua de astazi un disc inseamna altceva, iar muzica e memorata ca biti.

Tot in industria fotografica, blitul a suferit modifcari, pornind de la o flama, ajungand la un bec iar acum ia forma de LED in unele dispozitive mobile.

Dar aparatul foto nu a murit, camera de filmat nu a murit si blitul nu a murit. Ce a murit?

Spre exemplu ceasul a omorat clepsidra, camera foto digitala a omorat camera cu film iar DVD-ul a omorat VHS-ul. Voi ce exemple gasiti?

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Tricouri cu software

Tricou animat

Tricou animat

O noua traznaie a iesit pe piata, pentru cei care vor sa para mai cool: tricouri cu animatii pe ele. Animatiile apar prin luminarea anumitor elemente de pe tricou in functie de sunet. In felul asta poate fi facut un egalizator pe tricou. Acest egalizator poate avea diferite forme.


Software-ul din spate trebuie sa aiba grija ca elementele sa lumineze corect in functie de super, deci mai intai trebuie sa proceseze sunetul. Pentru a procesa sunetul trebuie sa aiba si un microfon. Cu alte cuvinte, acest tip de tricou e mai complicat decat pare

Daca vad pe cineva in club cu asa ceva mai intai ma intreb daca l-a spalat vreodata. Presupun ca… nu 🙂

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Viitorul copiatului

V-ati dorit vreodata sa fiti spion top-secret? Poate ca nu veti lucra pentru SRI, CIA sau

LG telefon-ceas

LG telefon-ceas

KGB dar cu siguranta puteti copia in mare stil la examene cu acest gadget. LG a scos pe piata un telefon (LG watchphone) sub forma de ceas, cu touchscreen. Nu doar ca e foarte mic si elegant, dar noul ceas-telefon are si carema web si capabilitati de videochat. Va invit sa va uitati al o demonstratie.

Eu unul prefer sa invat 🙂

Software-ul de pe acest telefon este facut de cei de la LG si nu stiu daca permite instalarea de aplicatii Java.

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Sa ne aducem aminte

Norton Commander 4.0 for DOS.

Image via Wikipedia

Software-ul a evoluat in decursul timpului. Eu propun celor care au prins vremurile ms-dos sa isi aduca aminte cum era. Eu imi aduc aminte ca deschideam calculatorul si tot ce aveam era un ecran negru. In prima instanta atat stiam sa fac: sa scriu cd nc si sa apas enter, apoi scriam nc.exe si aveam o interfata albastra, frumoasa, cu 8 coloane(parca) pe 2 cadrane. Era vorba de Norton Commander. Folderul in care il aveam eu instalat era nc, iar executabilul era nc.exe (sau com – sincer nu imi mai aduc aminte).

Aveam si mouse la calculator, era masiv si avea 3 butoane. Calculatorul era de la Zenith si imi aduc aminte ca tastatura sau monitorul erau de la Peacock. Sunt firme care nu mai fac nimic pe piata romaneasca in acest moment. Si pe acele vremuri, cand se strica sau avea ceva calculatorul, parintii mei mergeau cu el la Iasi sa il repare.

M-am chinuit sa fac mouse-ul sa mearga cateva zile bune. Am reusit, dar nu functiona oriunde – functiona doar in programele care aveau prevazuta aceasta functionalitate. Pointerul de cele mai multe ori era un bloc de caracter umplut (din cate sunt sigur ca stiti, ecranul avea numar fix de caractere, iar afisarea se facea prin intermediul unei matrici, la nivelul de jos).

M-am straduit sa fac windows-ul sa mearga (si aici ma refer la 3.1, cred). Reuseam sa il fac sa mearga, rulandu-l manual(era un executabil). Era ceva super pentru mine, intrucat aveam niste ferestre – era ceva nou. Daca dadeam minimise, ferestrele se faceau niste dreptunghiuri mici in stanga jos. In control panel erau 4-5 chestii. Daca faceam anumite artificii, functiona si mouse-ul.

Jocurile erau mici si foarte optim realizate – resursele erau limitate. Imi aduc aminte ca jucam prince, dar, desi era mai dificil de jucat, nu imi placea atat de mult. Jucam Dave si imi placea foarte mult; era ceva mai violent.

Solutia la majoritatea problemelor era un simplu restart. Sistemul se incarca foarte repede la loc.

Voi ce experiente aveti in acest sens?

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Megapixeli vs Software destept

Nº1 Autographic Kodak Jr. camera, made by East...

Atunci cand software-ul nu era o problema

Nu exista telefoane noi fara camere. Unele au mai multi megapixeli, altele au mai putini. Unele au megapixeli reali, altele nu.

Intrebarea este: ce este mai important, senzorul sau software-ul din spate? Unii ar spune ca senzorul, intrucat fara el nu se poate obtine o imagine destul de detaliata. Altii ar spune ca software-ul din spate, intrucat fara el nu se poate face focalizarea cum trebuie.

Un exemplu concret consider ca este unul din aparatele foto de la Kodak, care, cu ajutorul unei interfete touchscreen, face utilizarea mai usoara si mai placuta. Problema este ca desi senzorul este profesional, software-ul este lent iar animatiile incetinesc foarte mult aparatul, intrucat nu au loc la fps destul de mare. Experienta la final este dezamagitoare.

Alt exemplu ar fi iPhone-ul, care desi avea un senzor nu prea spectaculos, avea totusi un software capabil sa directioneze focus-ul oriunde in cadru si sa faca poze clare satisfacator de repede. Experienta finala este placuta.

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